When a symphony orchestra pays tribute to the band whose record production has changed the course of world music; when symphonic sounds merge with the Rock of Queen, adding colour in an incomparable variety of nuances; when a highly skilled production team creates a show in which the spectator is deeply involved and encouraged at every level. When the audience joins in, unaware protagonist of the highest tribute paid to artists of the calibre of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor; when all this happens, you are experiencing a harmony of colours, sounds and emotions that can hardly find a proper description: Ladies and Gentlemen you will be treated to the ”Queen at the opera” show!

Although the context is of secondary importance, considering the stage presence of the performers, an artfully equipped arena, theatre and stage, with lights, visual shows and a PA system capable of capturing and reproducing sounds to perfection to satisfy the most demanding palates, it becomes an overwhelming sensory and cultural experience..!

The ambitious idea was born in 2015, when Dr. Simone Scorcelletti (music producer and artistic director of many musical events including “Rock City”) conceived a show of artistic and cultural importance that would adequately pay tribute to the London band that has revolutionized the world music scene since the 1970s. To this end, he has put together an especially dedicated orchestra where the sounds of the strings caress the scratchy tones of the electric guitar, where wind and percussion instruments harmonize with the drums, where the double basses cradle the relentless rhythm of the rock bass. Alternating on stage is an ensemble of vocalists whose voices are able to recall and personalize all the band’s greatest hits.